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Hello everybody! 你們好! Welcome to my Sanrio and Friends homepage. Please sign my guestbook if anyone have any comments. Thank you for visiting.
Pochaco was born on the 29th of February. That's why he is a "leap" dog. His favorite food are carrots and banana ice cream. He is an very active pup. You can usually see him jumping or playing sports, especially basketball, soccer and skateboarding. He also loves gardening and hanging out with his friends.

Hello Kitty was born at November 1, 1974 in London, England. She weighs the same as three apples. She likes to play outdoors, practice on her piano and she loves to bake. Hello Kitty lives with her mom and dad and her twin sister, Mimi. Hello Kitty hobbies are reading and making new friends. Her trademark is the red bow on her head.

Cathy is a good friend of Hello Kitty. She is a gentle little girl bunny. She is quiet and is always thinking of others before herself.
Mimi is Hello Kitty's twin sister. She is a bit shy, she wears a ribbon on her right ear so people can tell her and Hello Kitty apart.

My Melody is a cute little girl-bunny. She was discontinued in the 1980's then she was brought back again in 1997 with a new look. In the eighties her bonnet was pink, and now her bonnet ranges from red-pink to just plain red. Her left ear was flopped over before, but now her ears are usually both straight up.

The Little Twin Stars - a little boy (Kiki) and a little girl(Lala) was born on December 24. They came from Compassion Planet in Dream Galaxy. Their father was a inventor and their mother is a poetess. They like to play with their friends which includes faries, the stars, the moon, the sun and the clouds. Lala likes to draw pictures, compose poetry and cook. Kiki likes to fish for stars, invent things, and explore for new planets.
Keroppi lives in a big cottage on the edge of Donut Pond. Many of his best friends live nearby, including his girlfriend, Keroleen. Keroppi is one of the most intelligent and adventurous of all his friends. That's why he is the leader of the group. Like most of his frog friends, Keroppi loves to play games, especially baseball. His adventurous spirit leads him to travel, visiting many new places and making new friends at every stop.
Picke Bicke is a little boy mouse. He's 10 centimeters tall, but his chest, waist and hips all measure 20 centimeters, making him a little round mouse who just fits in the palm of your hand! Picke Bicke is quiet, carefree and laid-back. He can use his tail just like a hand, and his ears, which he can use just like wings but he can only fly about 5 centimeters off the ground.

Bad Badtz Maru is a penguin, he was in born Hawaii on April 1st which is April Fools Day. He always says the opposite things and is a bit naughty. But personally I think he is cute.
Tabo's birthday has been a mystery until now. It is on May 5, which is Children day in Japan. He likes sports and he hates green peppers. Every year he celebrates with a birthday cake and "Kashiwamochi"(rice cake with sweet bean paste filling, wrapped in an oak leaf).He won first prize in "A Contest to Remember" for singing his "Go for it, Tabo!" manifesto song which he likes to brag about.

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